That day I got up early for a Sunday morning. I was particularly feeling left out and confused about jobs and having FOMO after visiting my classmates’ IG stories. How funny was it, that I rarely cared about what they had on stories in college, but sometimes I did miss my Mumbai lifestyle. For a series of nights, or it can be said gloomy nights was a common theme for me.

There was bright sunshine after many days of monsoon rains. The leaves of trees were dancing in beams of sun rays. The stubborn beams travelled through them and penetrated the intertwined mixture of branches, creating magnificent shadows on the ground. Distant chirps and whistles of birds could be heard, as if they were singing a melody to mother nature. The sky above was clear and blue with no sign of grey clouds. I had witnessed a swarm of birds rifting through the sky from one side to the other. The rugged earth below had housed tiny plants which had nurtured their way up to get hold of the sunshine. Between them were the rampant unwanted weed, the weed was so dominant that it had made its way up the building’s cement basement. Butterflies mingled in the echoes of cuckoo bird, while honey bees buzzed around collecting nectar. Small twigs and branches had covered the entire ground, indicating the wrath of monsoon rains a few days back. Pigeons were fighting among themselves to get a place on the balcony’s edge. I wonder who made mornings so peaceful? Or is it beauty in the beholder’s eyes?

When you truly take a short moment out of your life to appreciate nature, it amazes you , beyond your belief. I truly felt blessed to witness this. That moment when you really understand nature, could be anywhere, like in your living room’s window or sitting sipping tea on the balcony or strolling through sand in the beach or trekking through zigzag roads of mountains.

ohh how i wish that world was simple enough to understand